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Side of the road...

Lockup Records are proud to present, The Gakk, a trailblazing five-piece punk/ska/reggae ensemble hailing from Dundalk, Ireland. With a captivating melodic street-punk sound, The Gakk have established themselves as a driving force in the music scene.

Drawing inspiration from the raw punk vibes of the '70s, channelled by legends like The Clash, SFL, Sex Pistols, Subhumans, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Buzzcocks, Conflict, and Rancid, The Gakk delivers an authentic and unapologetic musical experience.

Embarking on extensive tours across Ireland and highly lauded appearances at punk festivals across the UK and Europe, The Gakk has earned a reputation for leaving audiences awe-inspired with their melodic street-punk tunes and electrifying live shows. Each performance brims with energy and raw “original-style” punk rock, captivating fans and leaving them breathless.

At Lockup Records, we are proud to showcase The Gakk's talent and dedication to their craft. Their innovative fusion of punk, ska, and reggae, combined with their boundless passion for live music, cements their status as genuine musical trailblazers. Experience the sonic rebellion of The Gakk and join us in celebrating their unforgettable journey in the world of music.



Stay informed by connecting with THE GAKK on their social media channels and streaming platforms. Watch on-stage, back-stage, in rehearsal and in studio and join their on the journey.