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A meticulous songwriter with a voice to die for...

Lockup Records proudly presents Finnian, a rising star in the Irish music scene who embodies the genuine evolution of an artist. Hailing from both Dundalk, Ireland, Finnian has dedicated himself to the craft of songwriting, earning acclaim from fellow musicians as one of the most exciting talents in the country. His music resonates with honesty, precision, and a unique texture that sets him apart in a crowded industry. Prepare to be captivated by his highly anticipated debut album, "Under the Influence," released 2020. Two years of devoted work have culminated in this remarkable release, showcasing Finnian's remarkable lyrical prowess blended seamlessly with an unparalleled musicality rarely seen in the genre. While his roots lie in folk-based songwriting, Finnian's artistic journey has blossomed into a fresh and innovative interpretation of the genre, solidifying his position as a true maven within it.

Recording "Under the Influence" was an ambitious undertaking, aligning with Finnian's commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. The album was recorded directly to tape at Black Mountain Studios, under the expert guidance of producer Peter Baldwin and Grammy Award - winning engineer Ben Kane (known for their work with artists like D'Angelo, The Roots, Nora Jones, and Emily King). Collaborations with some of Ireland's finest talents, including Jess Kav of Barq and Booka Brass, further enrich the musical experience.

"Under the Influence" is a testament to the belief that music finds its true home in live performances. Each of the album's nine tracks is a stand-alone expression of real human emotion, drawn from Finnian's personal experiences and delivered with raw passion. Having already received critical acclaim for his live shows, Finnian's artistry effortlessly comes alive on stage.

The debut single, "Evenflow" showcases Finnian's unmatched confidence and authenticity. Critics have lauded this emotionally charged and exhilarating song, which cements Finnian's position as an artist who can genuinely connect with his audience from the very beginning of his career.



Stay informed by connecting with FINNIAN on his social media channels and streaming platforms. Watch on-stage, back-stage, in rehearsal and in studio and join him on the journey.