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We're Irelands Premium Corporate Event Management Company in Dublin Ireland, Turning Your Vision into Unforgettable Success.

We specialise in delivering top-level professional audiovisual solutions tailored to elevate your brand presence, enhance your communication, and document your journey.

From conference AV setups to professional voiceover narration recordings, our comprehensive services cater to the unique audiovisual needs of businesses across various industries.

At Lockup Records, the top corporate event management company in Ireland, we are committed to making your events unforgettable. With our seamless orchestration of every detail, our Event Management services bring your vision to life, ensuring a resounding success. Partner with us for a memorable event experience.

Our Services
On-Site Live Performance Event Recording

Live at your favourite venue or at any other location you can imagine. We can bring the vision of your live music performances from your imagination to a digital media reality ready to promote as fan-finding video content for all social media platforms.

Conference AV Solutions

Make a lasting impression during your corporate events and conferences with our state-of-the-art AV solutions. We offer customised setups including high-quality audio systems, video projection, lighting, and staging, ensuring seamless presentations, engaging multimedia displays, and immersive experiences for your attendees.

Voiceover Narration Recording

When it comes to voiceover narration, we understand the importance of delivering a clear and impactful message. Our dedicated recording studio and expert technicians provide professional-grade voiceover services, capturing the essence of your brand and ensuring crystal-clear audio for advertisements, corporate videos, e-learning modules, and more.

Equipment Rental

For businesses seeking reliable audiovisual equipment, we offer a wide range of rental options. From projectors, screens, and sound systems to microphones, lighting, and staging, our top-quality equipment ensures smooth operations for your corporate events, presentations, trade shows, and product launches.

Audio Engineering

Our experienced audio engineers are equipped with the expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior sound quality. Whether it's optimizing audio for video production, live streaming, or creating immersive audio experiences, we have the technical know-how to enhance your brand's auditory impact.

Professional Portable Recording Studio

Collaborate with our skilled sound engineers in our portable professional recording studio to bring your audio projects to life. From podcast production and radio commercials to audiobooks and corporate training materials, our studio can provide the perfect environment for capturing pristine audio and delivering polished results in any location.

Types of Events We Manage


Unforgettable Corporate Events

From conferences and seminars to product launches and team-building activities, we can elevate your corporate events to new heights.


Memorable Music Festivals

Lockup Records has extensive experience in organizing music festivals, ensuring they are not only memorable but also logistically sound.


Extraordinary Private Parties

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a wedding, or a family reunion, we make your personal celebrations truly special.


Fascinating Cultural and Entertainment Events

If you're planning a cultural or entertainment event, count on us to handle the intricate details, ensuring your vision is realized.


We begin by understanding your goals, budget, and vision for the event. This initial consultation helps us tailor our services to your specific needs.


Our experienced corporate event management planners will create a detailed plan that covers every aspect of your event, from logistics, scheduling, and health & safety to the overall design and theme.


On the day of your event, our dedicated team will be on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We handle all the behind-the-scenes work, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

04.Post-Event Support

Our commitment to your event doesn't end when the last guest leaves. We'll wrap up all the loose ends, provide post-event reports, and gather your feedback to continually improve our services.

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